The Chris and Katie Project: A New Townhall Podcast Launches Today

Chris Field
Posted: Apr 15, 2011 10:00 AM
Alternate headline: "The Dumbest Show on the Planet Is Finally Here"

Tired of the sensible rhetoric you hear on other shows?

Fed up with feeling dumber than the host?

Well, "The Chris & Katie Project" is here for you.

OK, enough self-deprecation -- I'll leave that to our audience.

Katie Pavlich and I are excited to announce the launch of our brand new podcast. It's an irreverent and humorous (well, we think we're funny) look at the stuff that's going on around the country and the world.

We'll talk about life, politics, culture, religion -- just about anything -- so you'll never know what's next.

In Episode 1: Bolivia wants the United Nations to give bugs and humans equal rights; the nanny state is coming for your kids' lunches and chocolate milk -- plus they think you're WAY too fat; the BMI lie; note to the Left: terrorists really do want to kill us; the TSA gropes a 6-year-old girl; America is fascinated by The Donald's possible run for president; how the birthers really aren't very helpful; and Obama's energy plan: hybrid vans powered by rainbows and unicorns.

Enjoy the show.