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Price: 'Sotomayor Has Made a Habit of Embracing Extreme Views'

House Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (Ga.) issued this statement this morning regarding the Sotomayor nomination:
"Judge Sotomayor should be congratulated for her historic nomination, but her record of putting identity politics before the rule of law raises grave concerns about her ability to reach fair and impartial decisions. The American people want a Justice that will decide cases based on a commitment to constitutional principles. Furthermore, Americans are looking for an individual who will fairly interpret the laws of the land and not legislate from the bench.
"President Obama might label her philosophy as 'moderate,' but Judge Sotomayor has made a habit of embracing extreme views during her time on the lower courts. Now, as she is considered for the high court, Americans are left to wonder if she will exercise basic standards of objectivity. In light of Judge Sotomayor's liberal activist approach to judicial interpretation, I call on my colleagues in the Senate to thoroughly examine her record as they consider her nomination."


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