When Greens Do Snow Removal: The Fallout

Posted: Apr 27, 2009 9:16 AM
One more example of the genius of the environmental Left, which has a stranglehold on Seattle/King County, and why they should never be allowed to be in charge.

On Festivus (Dec. 23) 2008, I posted an item on the Towhnall blog about what happens “When Greens Do Snow Removal,” highlighting the failures of Seattle’s plans to use sand instead of salt for clearing the roads last winter.

Now, we find out, via the Seattle Times, that the sand is causing major problems in the sewer and water-treatment facilities “where unprecedented amounts of grit from city storm drains have plugged up pumps and triggered emergency repairs.”

This all goes back to the DOT’s refusal to use salt because of it’s possible negative environmental impact in the Puget Sound. Now, the county and city are being forced to do more work to clean up the mess. All of this leads to the burning of more energy in order to clean up a mess that was caused by people trying to protect the environment from the impact of humans.

Stupid humans.