Sharpton Gets DNC Memo: Says Christianity is About Poverty

Posted: Jul 06, 2006 9:26 AM

What’s with the Democratic obsession with poverty? Is this their only angle on Christianity?

Sharpton is the latest to claim Christianity means the federal government stops all poverty – a socialistic view that is found nowhere in scripture. Personally responsibility, that’s different. But that’s not what Democrats are calling “Christian.”

In a commentary for CNN, Sharpton wrote the United States is “a country that continues to allow poverty to run rampant from coast to coast.” It is? Where?

The Sharpton piece is a mind-numbing maze of logical fallacies. It’s worth the read if you’re in a room where you can yell.

The Democratic Party, which has done so much to purge religion from society, now realizes the religious are voting them out of office. They’re wrong on nearly every religious-based issue, so they’re clinging to this “poverty” cry as their lifeline.

Just a few days ago, Barak Obama was instructing Democrats how to play Christian. Sure enough, he focused on poverty, repeatedly referencing it as the central Christian issue.

The appointed leader of the Democrats, Howard Dean, has made it clear this is the direction he wants to pursue. He told a gathering of liberal religious people “This is a moral nation, so the first thing we must do is convince people that poverty is a moral problem.”

First, they assume poverty is a real problem in the United states, where even poor kids have cable television. Second, they assume the Christian thing to do is have government “solve” it.

Notice, too, the Democrats aren’t talking religiously about the real religious issues: Killing of the unborn, personal responsibility, honesty, traditional marriage and the freedom to express your religion, among many others.