Walking It Back: Obama Won't Keynote Planned Parenthood Gala

Posted: Apr 24, 2013 8:06 PM

President Obama has backed out of plans to keynote the Planned Parenthood gala on Thursday night.  No doubt, as Jay Carney insisted, it's just because he wants to spend more time with the victims of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion -- an explanation quickly defended by the Washington Post.

Of course, given the gruesome details emerging daily from the Gosnell trial -- and the fact that the southeastern Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood knew of them yet remained silent -- perhaps the President decided that headlining the gala was a bit unseemly, even for the most pro-abortion President in history:

But not to worry, pro-choicers -- in the words of Jane Austen, Obama's "affections and wishes remain unchanged."  He'll still speak at a lower profile gathering Friday morning -- although his passionate embrace of Planned Parenthood has always been more than a little ironic, given the racist symapthies of its founder.


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