Report No Evil: The Press & President on Gosnell

Posted: Apr 09, 2013 7:56 PM

President Obama has had no problem decrying alleged "stunts" from Second Amendment supporters, even as he surrounds himself with the grieving families of the children murdered at Sandy Hook on 12/14.

Yet, as Mark Steyn points out, he -- and the rest of the press -- seem substantially less concerned with the agony suffered by the babies murdered at the hands of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

I am ashamed to admit that I have largely hidden from the grotesque details of the Gosnell murders.  Having carried twins -- and felt my unborn children move inside me for months -- the very thought of what Gosnell did turns my stomach.  Literally. (Yes, literally.  It makes me sick.)

But since, in an effort to promote gun control legislation, the press and the President have determined that we are to marinate in the shock and grief of the murders of Sandy Hook -- the result of the hideous actions of one madman -- it seems only appropriate that we take a moment in passing to record the hideous actions of another.

So here we go:

"Gosnell worker testifies: Baby being 'aborted' 'screamed like a little alien"

Nice dehumanizing "alien" image, isn't it? Who knows?  Perhaps all babies scream "like little aliens" when they're lying in "clear glass pan[s]" like this baby was, after the ministrations of "Dr." Gosnell, who "snip[ped]" their spinal cords with scissors. 

Interestingly, the local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia covering the Gosnell trial restricted its reporting to the charges that Gosnell told abortion clinic staff to lie about the care of a woman who died during an abortion and legal procedural matters.

For the press, it's hear no evil, see no evil, report no evil -- when it comes to abortion.

The President says "shame on us if we've forgotten" Newtown.  Nobody has, whether or not they want to curtail Second Amendment rights.  More properly, perhaps it's the President who should be ashamed for forgetting the babies murdered in Gosnell's clinic.

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