Reality Bites

Posted: Apr 02, 2013 9:54 AM

Democrats have finally realized that Barack Obama is a one man show:

President Barack Obama’s decision to launch his own political organization has some Democrats wondering: Is he just in it for himself?

Let me help "some Democrats" out: The answer is "yes."  Organizing for America is intended to serve as a vehicle for promoting the agenda and magnificence of Barack Obama.  Only to the extent that electing other Democrats is necessary to further this project, they'll get some help -- but don't expect anything more.  That's why OFA isn't even sharing its email lists or money or resources with other Democrats.
I suspect that as soon as the 2014 campaign is over, OFA will continue to serve as a vehicle through which Obama-ites will try to drive support for the President's agenda, but its primary focus will be on the "Obama legacy project" -- that is, raising money for his presidential library and seeking in other ways to burnish the President's lackluster record.  Obama is of the school of thought that believes that language has no determinate meaning; the interpretation of language -- and by extension, the events it describes -- is like game-playing.  It's the apotheosis of the idea that the "winners" write the history books; OFA is the vehicle by which Obama intends to control how his term is remembered, just as his press office has gone to unprecedented lengths to control how is image is conveyed and consumed
Of course, this is good news for Republicans.  The "Obama Legacy Project" will be a long-term affair, and so the GOP needn't worry about the endlessly self-absorbed President freeing up too much money or donor information to the rest of the party before Republicans have had a good crack at catching up.