Help President Obama Resume WH Tours!

Posted: Mar 13, 2013 8:38 AM

The Hill reports that "President Obama said his administration was looking at ways to resume White House tours for school groups."  The White House suspended the tours as part of its sequester gamesmanship, hoping that the move would outrage the public and turn opinion against Republicans on the Hill (despite the fact that the idea for the sequester came from the Obama administration). 

 In any case, the politics of The White House shutdown haven't been quite what Obama had hoped.  Hence, the effort to "look[] at ways" to resume the tours.

So. America, this is your chance!  Can anyone provide some suggestions about how the administration can find a few nickels to rub together, notwithstanding the (paltry) $85 billiion in sequester cuts?

Keeping in mind that the tours cost $18,000 per week, here's one of mine to get you started.  Courtesy of the UK Daily News (doing the work the American media declines to do), here is the cost of the President's golfing weekend last month with Tiger Woods:


$943,687.50: estimated cost of a trip for Air Force One from Chicago to West Palm Beach and then back to Washington, D.C. 

$13,500: Cost to rent out three four-bedroom guest cottages at The Floridian for three nights

$24,000: Cost of an eight-hour private golf lesson with famed instructor Butch Harmon

$1,800: Greens fees for three guests for two rounds of golf

$1,600: Cost of four caddies for two rounds of golf

$4,620: Cost of 20 rooms at the Port St. Lucie Holiday Inn for traveling press and security detail based on the government per-diem rate

                                          TOTAL: $989,207

That pays for 54.9 weeks of White House tours -- more than a year's worth.  Given his well-known penchant for "saving" on phantom costs, why doesn't President Obama simply decide against another golf weekend with Woods and then allocate the "savings" to keeping The White House open for taxpayers for a full year?

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