Obama Reads Polls, Reaches Out

Posted: Mar 07, 2013 1:41 PM

By simply inviting Republicans to a dinner, and going to lunch on the Hill, the National Journal's Jill Lawrence opines that we should all conclude President Obama is ready to make a deal in good faith:

After Obama’s Hill offensive, there should no longer be any doubt about what he’s willing to contribute to a grand bargain on taxes and spending. Whether rank-and-file Republicans will take yes for an answer on those issues and do their part by offering to close tax loopholes is another question. Will they have enough trust in him to move forward?

Here's a question for the credulous Ms. Lawrence: Why should Republicans trust President Obama?  As only Bob Woodward had the courage to point out, the President misstated facts about the sequester.  He has impugned the Republicans' patriotism (remember back in the days that was a cardinal political sin?)  He's scuttled deals before, at the last minute.

So does anyone really think Obama's new outreach bespeaks a whole new President, ready to engage in good faith negotiations -- which would, almost by definition, benefit his political opponents as well as himself?

Or, more believably, do people realize Obama is just reading the polls?

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