Not a Dirty Word

Posted: Feb 24, 2013 1:19 PM

Thirty-something writer Kristin Walker has done a very brave thing (at least, in our culture): She has admitted she is abstaining from sex until she is married.  She's normal, she's in a relationship -- but she has simply decided to live in accordance with her morals.  And she makes extremely good points:

Don’t submit to what Chesterton called “the degrading slavery of being a child of [ones] age.” Make your own decisions. Don’t buy the giant lie that if you stop having sex your unmentionables are going to shrivel and drop off from disuse. And don’t believe them when they tell you you’re weird, frigid, sick, or backwards. Even as they accuse you of leading a deprived live, they are a prisoner to their impulses, inviting in unplanned pregnancy, STDs, abortion, heartbreak, loss of self-respect, and more.

I walked away from all that, and I couldn’t be happier because of it. I have felt my heart heal, and I know that the next time I give myself to someone, it will be on my wedding night, to someone I trust, who has given himself to me in turn.

Like Walker, I too have urged sexual restraint for unmarried people (in my book, Prude) -- but I am not her age, and I am not unmarried.  I admire her for what she has done, and I hope young woman will give her piece a careful look. 

Correction: The original version of this post stated that Kristin Walker had admitted "she is a virgin." Obviously, as the piece makes clear, she did no such thing -- she stated that she is abstaining from sex until marriage.  Silly mistake on my part, and I regret it.

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