Whatever Happened to Uniform Standards?

Posted: Jan 29, 2013 1:43 PM

Courtesy of Eliana Johnson, here is a video contrasting two interviews: Steve Kroft's love-fest with President Obama and Secretary Clinton vs. Leslie Stahl's much-less-friendly sit-down with Eric Cantor.

I'm not complaining about Stahl's treatment of Cantor.  There's nothing wrong with the press interrogating our elected representatives -- indeed, it's necessary.

What's so contemptible is the difference between the way Democrats and Republicans are treated -- just on the basis of their political affiliations (and that of the MSM).   So-called "journalists" should be ashamed of themselves.

But if you need a cheap laugh, consider what Steve Kroft said when explaining why Obama chose to speak with him.  My favorite part is when he says of his show, "We do -- you  know -- a good job of editing."  Well, yes, if you're a Democrat partisan; remember how "60 Minutes" hid important information about how the President misled on Benghazi?

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