How About a "Select Committee on Violence"?

Posted: Jan 10, 2013 7:43 PM

Today, the NRA met with Joe Biden and Eric Holder.  Not surprisingly, little accord was reached. The NRA rightly perceives that gun control is the only agenda in which The White House has an interest.

But Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) has posted a tweet with an excellent idea from listener "Hal": How about a Select Committee on Violence in America?  Isn't this something the House could set up on its own? And one of its merit, as the tweet points out, is that it would allow (indeed, require) testimony from Hollywood and video game producers.

Look, liberals are always wanting to have a "conversation." Fine: Let's have one about violence -- which is, after all, the real problem (of which gun violence is only one manifestation).  Perhaps it would actually achieve the goal of prompting some thoughtful consideration of measures that might actually help to address the problem, rather than a single, simple-minded left-wing focus on undermining Second Amendment rights.

In stark political terms, it also requires The White House to do something besides play a form of politics that delights its liberal base.  If the President, the Veep and the rest really care about preventing more events like the Newtown massacre, shouldn't they be willing to entertain even the ideas that might discomfit their big donors?

This is an idea the GOP ought to pursue.

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