Katherine Webb: Gorgeous and More

Posted: Jan 09, 2013 7:38 PM

Here is the Today show's interview with Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama's quarterback AJ McCarron, and the subject of some remarks about her looks from Brent Musberger at Monday night's BCS game:

I am a fan of Miss Webb.  She is not only beautiful, but comes across as gracious, normal and nice.  Here's perhaps the part of the interview that impressed me most:

I think the media has been really unfair to [Brent Musberger].. .If he would have said something along the lines of oh, we’re ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ or made any derogatory statements like that, I think that would have been a little bit different, but the fact that he said that we were beautiful and gorgeous, I don’t see why any woman wouldn’t be flattered by that.

Amen, sister.  She's got her head screwed on straight.  Who are these people who don't understand the difference between a man admiring female beauty and a comment that's a "major personal violation" and "so retrograde it's embarrassing" -- as a sour female Michigan State journalism professor characterized it?  Katherine Webb is a beauty queen, for Pete's sake.  Is there normal person alive who doesn't think men notice that -- or, in reading Musberger's comments, doesn't recognize them as a compliment?  How, exactly, do Musberger's remarks about Webb being "beautiful" and a "lovely lady" hurt anything or anyone (except, perhaps, the self-esteem of bitter women who lack -- and envy -- Webb's fabulous looks)?

Women like the Michigan State journalism professor have done a lot to poison relationships between the sexes.  A woman wants to be told she's beautiful -- as long as she's not hearing it from some creepy boss running his hand up her  leg and demanding sex in exchange for professional advancement.  But thanks to a bunch of humorless feminists, men are often afraid  to compliment women, and women are thus deprived of many otherwise harmless expressions of admiration that would brighten their lives and enhance their self-confidence considerably.

Note also that Katherine Webb understands the difference between a derogatory remark about "hotness" or "sexiness" and a compliment to her beautfy.  That's a distinction that feminist darlings like Lena Dunham would do well to study.  Apparently, in the world of at least some feminists, it's perfectly acceptable to be used as a sex object by the "wrong guys" but disgraceful to be admired for one's looks.  Figure that one out . . .

Pssst!  I'm about to upset the feminists and commit a "major personal violation" by stating that I, too, think Katherine Webb is beautiful (wish I looked just like her!) -- and best of all, she sounds sensible and kind on top of it.  So there, womyn.

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