How's Trust in Obama Worked Out for Us?

Posted: Nov 03, 2012 1:42 PM

Making his close-to-final pitch in Ohio, President Obama is talking about "trust" -- appealing to voters to trust him one more time. (

The appeal is blatantly outrageous, especially given the flamboyant, deliberate untruths about Benghazi.

Ambassador Stevens and all the others who desperately appealed for help to The White House on 9/11 trusted President Obama. To put it mildly, it worked out even worse for them than it has for the rest of us.

President Obama asked for America's trust, pledging to fix the economy, restore America's (supposedly) tarnished reputation in the world, work in a bipartisan manner, and slow the rise of the oceans. We all know what has happened over the last four years.

"Trust" him? Fool us once, shame on him. Fool us twice, shame on us.