Better Aborted?

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Oct 01, 2012 1:26 PM

In what has to be the most classless, exploitative negative ad of all time, Barack Obama is using a young woman with Down syndrome to attack Mitt Romney's inartfully phrased comments about the 47%.  Presumably, Barack Obama would never talk that way about Down syndrome children . . . he just has no problem with aborting them.

Just a few thoughts:

1.  Under ObamaCare, prenatal screening for Down syndrome and similar is deemed "preventive" care.  How does the screening "prevent" Down syndrome, you ask? Well, it doesn't.  It simply identifies the unborn children who have it, so that they can be aborted. It's only "preventive" in the sense that it "prevents" children with Down from being born, not because it "prevents" Down syndrome.  For a President pushing such a definition (and insisting that prenatal testing to detect "imperfect" children be free), it's a pretty big stretch to pose as a friend of the mentally disabled.

2.  The people Romney was discussing in the context of his 47% remarks were not the truly disabled -- and certainly not people with Down syndrome.  In fact, he has a nephew with Down syndrome.  Again, the comments were inartfully phrased . . . but he was obviously discussing people with a sense of entitlement to government largesse, like the now-notorious "Obamaphone" lady on YouTube.

3. Mitt Romney is NOT the leader who once referred disparagingly to a sporting effect for the mentally challenged in order to get a laugh.  That would be President Obama, who memorably compared his own bad bowling to the Special Olympics. He later apologized.

4. 90% of pregnancies with a Down syndrome child are aborted, according to a 2007 piece from the New York Times.  Heck, Barack Obama is so enthusiastically pro-abortion that he's even opposed bills to provde equal treatment to babies born alive after failed abortions.  So if there's a presidential candidate who should be deemed hostile or uncaring toward those with special needs, it certainly isn't Mitt Romney. Oh, and one more thing:

5. For all the liberals who embrace this young (Democratic) woman with Down syndrome -- if they "care" so much, why was their treatment of Trig Palin so very, very different?