Piloting "The Carol Platt Liebau Show"

Posted: Jul 17, 2012 1:20 PM
Thanks to the generosity of Hugh Hewitt, I will be using his air time today to create the pilot of an eponymous talk radio show.  "The Carol Platt Liebau Show" is intended to be smart talk for real women of all ages -- and the men who love them!

Today's show features Anne Sorock, an expert in political marketing focused on women.   We will explore how women are different "political consumers" than men, what messages (and approaches) resonate best with them, and how you can influence your circle of friends when it comes to politics.  We'll also take your calls and suggestions on how Mitt Romney and Republicans generally can enhance their standing with persuadable women.

Second hour, for something a little different, we'll talk with Ruth Beltran, a career counselor who specializes on career re-entry for middle aged women, and learn about the essential ingredients for making a smart career choice -- whether you're just 25 or considerably older . . .  and then we'll take calls and discuss whether it's really possible for women to "have it all"!

Today's show concludes with Elizabeth Kantor, author of "The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After," to learn what Austen's heroines can teach today's women about finding the right guy!  And we'll hear from you (I hope!) on whether her advice is sound, and whether women really are willing to take the advice of those currently telling them to "settle" for a "good-enough" guy or to "marry down" in order to find a mate.

Hope you'll join us, and check out more about the show atvwww.CarolLiebau.com.