Nursing at the Bar Exam

Posted: May 30, 2012 7:39 PM
After losing her credential as a Cherokee -- and seeing her submissions to Pow Wow Chow exposed as probable plagiarism -- the indefatigable Elizabeth Warren is at it again: This time, she claims to have been "the first nursing mother to take a bar exam" in New Jersey.

First of all, how would one know such a thing?  Is someone keeping records of who nursed for the first time at the New Jersey bar exam?  Riiiiight.  Because those bar exam administrators are so crazy efficient.  Perhaps we could have a tiny peek at the records that validate Professor Warren's claim?

In fact, the clip shows Warren using a ploy embraced too often by some women: The implicit plea for sympathy (or solidarity) expressed as a tart rebuttal to the (oppressive male) powers that be -- "try explaining that [the need to breast-feed] to the proctors a thousand times."  Obviously, she has never heard of pumping and storing . . . like women who work full-time (not in flexible jobs in academia) often have to do.

Look, we all know that Sandra Day O'Connor was unjustly denied a job as a lawyer because of her gender.  That was wrong.  It was also in the early 1950's.  Warren got her JD in the mid '70's.  The world was not the same place for women by then, as everyone knows, and it's silly to try to pretend that it was.  

Could it be that -- having lost the ability to invoke victim status for alleged Native American heritage -- Elizabeth Warren is now trying a new narrative, designed to court sympathy based on her gender?  And if so, what is with the creepy embrace of victimization by a woman who, by all accounts, has been treated pretty well by the world?

UPDATE: The clip is from 2011.  And so we learn that Elizabeth Warren has simply been addicted to the idea that she's a victim for multiple reasons . . . and enjoys only a superficial relationship with the truth.