What a Mess!

Posted: Jan 01, 2012 12:54 PM
The biggest event of our family's 2011 was the move from California to right outside New York City.  We are just one more example of productive people (i.e., taxpayers) and job providers (my husband found positions for his employees before he left -- no easy task with California's high unemployment) to do a reverse Horace Greeley.  

There are some fabulous people left in California, but there won't be forever. Here is the list of the incredibly oppressive laws that the left-wing legislature is now imposing on its employers, the citizens of California.  Note in particular the mandates on business, including mandatory bereavement leave for employees and the injunction against employers being able to look at a potential employee's credit report before hiring -- as well as the requirement on local officials that union labor agreements must be used for publicly funded construction projects (to make sure taxpayers are charged the absolute max!).

California is the petri dish for unfettered liberalism in action, and it isn't going to change any time soon (another new law requires all initiatives and referenda to be decided only in November elections, in order to guarantee the highest left-wing turnout).

If Americans are unsure about the merits of defeating President Obama, just show them California.  It's the high-tax, big-government-spending, regulatory, job-crushing, productive-citizen-punishing nightmare that liberals like the President want to impose nationwide.

Let's use 2012 to reverse that tide.  After all, we need a fiscally-strong country in order to be able to withstand the inevitable bail-out of California in a few years.