A Credible "Conservative" Alternative to Romney??

Posted: Nov 23, 2011 10:39 AM
As documented before, my objections to Newt Gingrich stem mostly from my sense that he has become too much of an inside-the-Beltway player with too little discipline and too much baggage to win were he the Republicans' presidential nominee.

What puzzles me, however, is why so many conservatives -- those, in particular, who believe Romney is too moderate -- are backing him as the most credible not-Romney choice in the field.


Gingrich's stance on immigration.  What he said last night deserves serious consideration -- do Republicans really consider it politically smart (and right!) to divide the families of illegal immigrants who have been law-abiding residents of America for decades or more?  People of good conscience can disagree, but let's not pretend his comments put him to the right of Romney.

Gingrich's comments on the Ryan/Medicare reform plan.  I know, he apologized.  But really, who thinks his original view was the knee-jerk reaction of a truly committed conservative?

Gingrich's stance on global warming.  Again, could someone explain how his comments make Gingrich the "conservative alternative" to Mitt Romney?

Gingrich's former support for the individual mandate.  Well, at least he isn't a "flip-flopper" like Romney, right?

I fully understand the principled opposition to Mitt Romney by some who object either to policies he has supported or his perceived history of shifting positions on some important issues.  What I don't understand is why conservatives would consider Newt Gingrich -- with his baggage and history of verbal and personal indiscipline -- to be a superior choice.