Revitalizing the American Dream

Posted: Nov 18, 2011 2:28 PM
Sarah Palin's op/ed in the Wall Street Journal is a must-read for any GOP candidate.  In it, she shows the solid political instincts that, were a number of factors different, could have made her a trailblazing American leader.

The piece takes square aim at the Washington culture that has created two distinct classes in American life: The government class and the rest of us.

If this doesn't offend Republicans, it should.  Democrats are the party that believe that government somehow deserves a special, exalted status as overlords of the people.  The GOP has always stood for the principle that all Americans are entitled to equality of opportunity.  And when you have what is essentially a privileged class feeding at the government trough, that moral claim -- underpinned by the conviction that all men are created equal -- is drastically undermined.

A Republican presidential candidate who can credibly take the argument articulated by Palin and make it his own would prove to be a formidable opponent to President Obama.