What Counts as "Modest" in ObamaLand

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Jan 05, 2011 8:07 PM
For a politician who's so fixated on "spreading the wealth around," it was interesting to note what President Obama characterizes as a "modest" income. Discussing Robert Gibbs' departure, the President stated that

He’s [Gibbs] had a six-year stretch now where basically he’s been going 24/7 with relatively modest pay.

 So what is "modest pay", according to the President?  A lot more than most Americans are making --$172,200  to be exact

It's just interesting, isn't it?  Apparently, the President still doesn't realize that there are far too many Americans who would be thrilled to have any job at all -- much less one at the "modest" salary of almost $200,000 per year.