Learning Nothing

Posted: Nov 05, 2010 10:38 PM
The report that Nancy Pelosi intends to stay on as House Minority Leader is some of the best political news Republicans have gotten all day.

First, it forces the Democrats who spoke out against her during the campaign -- at least the ones who survived --  to make a tough choice:  Either buck their party in DC, or risk facing the continued wrath of the voters in 2012.

Second, it sends the message that the Democrats have learned nothing from Tuesday's defeats.  They remain defiantly, unrepentantly liberal.  As with the health care debate, they have heard the voice of the people . . . and will ignore it.

In fact, the President himself underlined just how out-of touch the Democrats remain with his statements in an upcoming "60 Minutes" interview:

“Making an argument that people can understand,” Mr. Obama continued, “I think that we haven’t always been successful at that. And I take personal responsibility for that. And it’s something that I’ve got to examine carefully … as I go forward.”

In other words, the President seems to think his problem is failing only to speak simply enough for the stupid American electorate to understand him.

We can only hope that the GOP is lucky enough to have the continuation of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid partnership.  For sheer arrogance toward, ignorance of, and contempt for the American people, they are quite a team.