A "Structural" Victory

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 11:21 AM
Last night's election results -- and possibly a few to come -- give conservatives good reason for thanksgiving.  I've a busy morning ahead, but keep in mind that there are plenty of lessons for the GOP that come out of last night that will only strengthen conservatism and the party for 2012.

As a quick overview, I'm thinking of last night's gains as a "structural victory."  That's not just because retaking control of gubernatorial seats and statehouses advantages Republicans in redistricting -- although that's a big one.

It's because with the House, Republicans are in a position to stop the President's dangerous, unhealthy agenda dead in its tracks (except for the regulatory stuff, which they can at least  highlight through hearings).

It's also because, however the Senate now plays out, it's clear that there are enough Republicans to really be able to have an influence on the agenda -- without being in a position where the President can run against a "GOP-controlled" legislative branch.  That's an excellent position for 2012.  What's more, we don't yet have but are well positioned to take Senate control in 2012 -- which means that we have a compelling argument for our presidential candidate and Senate candidates in bellwether states like Missouri, Nebraska, Montana and Virginia, where Dem seats are up in '12: Vote for us and (with a GOP House) we will finally repeal ObamaCare.

Finally, we have swapped less-conservative Republicans for more conservative Republicans -- and some real stars.

Think of last night as a great victory not only in and of itself -- but as the beginning of a brilliant superstructure that will allow us to begin to make the change that can really bring America back to its full greatness, and the American people our cherished liberty from intrusive Big Government.