More Democrat Destruction, By the Numbers

Posted: Oct 25, 2010 3:54 PM
In recent days, I've been big on posting the numbers that illustrate the immediate, pressing need for change in the way America is being run.

I've posted on the numbers that matter; then done it again; then on the scary debt numbers; and then, written a column on the numbers that highlight just how deplorable the Democrats' record is.

My intent in all this has been to provide figures for Americans to use when discussing the upcoming elections with their friends and neighbors.

Imagine my surprise this morning to learn that "60 Minutes" got into the action with a few  numbers of their own -- and ones devastating to the administration: The national unemployment and underemployment figures come out to 17.1%; in California, the figure is 22%. (HT: Larry O'Connor at Big Government).

It's time for change, all right.  It's all that too many Americans have left.