Making It Up As He Goes

Posted: Oct 16, 2010 12:41 PM
Conducting a fact-check of the President -- only two years too late --The New York Times finds that the President is inventing his own facts in an effort to inspire fear and mistrust of his political adversaries:

In speech after speech lately, President Obama has vowed to oppose a Republican proposal . . .

Except that strictly speaking, the Republicans have made no such proposal. The expansive but vague Pledge to America produced by House Republicans does promise deep cuts in domestic spending, but it gives no further detail about which programs would be slashed. So Mr. Obama has filled in his own details as if they were in the Republican plan.  (emphasis added)

In other words, he's making stuff up.

Recall the debate about the GOP Pledge to America -- where I noted that it was"foolish (yes, foolish) to load any document with policy details that make it easy for Democrats to distort and demagogue any effort to reform government . . . "

Without any policy details to distort and demagogue, the President has been reduced to outright fabrication -- so blatant that even The Times notices.  It's highly revealing, isn't it?

So much for the apostle of "hope and change" -- and bipartisanship, too.  We've all had the sense that this President is making it up as he goes along . . . now we know he's doing it literally.