The Democrats' Woman Problem

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Oct 08, 2010 11:42 AM
As Guy noted below, California Attorney General Jerry Brown or his aide (with Brown's implicit approval) was caught on tape calling Meg Whitman a "whore."

I await the reaction from all those on the left who regularly call for "civility" in the conduct of political campaigns (any comment, Jim Wallis?) -- and the predictable feminist grievance groups (they'll do nothing; if you're not a liberal woman, you don't count). 

I also wonder whether the MSM will seek reaction from the President -- who made a much-heralded call for greater civility in public life -- or the head of the Democratic National Committee -- who sought to make the GOP sign a document calling for "elected officials of both parties to set an example of the civility we want to see in our citizenry,” or even the head of the California Democratic Party.  I predict any of it it will be a long time coming.

I also await Jerry Brown's apology to Meg Whitman for one of the ugliest gender-based slurs anyone could come up with. 

Question: Is this the kind of guy who should be running the biggest state in the country?  Just one more reason that Jerry Brown -- the guy who set California on the road to ruin by giving collective bargaining rights to government workers the first time he was governor -- has no business getting anywhere near his old job.