Predictably Wrong

Posted: Apr 07, 2010 12:29 PM
All too predictably, Dan Morain (senior editor at the Sac Bee) has come out with a column intended to smear John Eastman -- candidate for Attorney General -- and insult his supporters.

Again, predictably, Morain sneers at Eastman based on nothing but the fact that he is (gasp!) a conservative -- and because he (gasp!) associates with conservatives and (double gasp!!!) holds conservative beliefs. 

Unfortunately, these days, it seems that conservatives are the only ones who believe in abiding by the will of the voters.  So -- to Morain's sniffing disapproval -- John Eastman would actually advocate on  behalf of California voters when it comes to Prop. 8.  (That's in stark contrast with Jerry Brown, who simply refuses to do his job -- defending the laws made by the taxpayers who elected him and pay his salary -- when he personally disagrees with the will of the people.)

In short, the difference between John Eastman and his competition (in both the primary and general elections) is that he's a person who: (1) Is a principled conservative; (2) Is a constitutional expert who understands that the words of the Constitution actually have a fixed meaning, and can't be "reinterpreted" at will to advance the left-wing "cause du jour"; (3) Comes from the private sector -- and understands what it means to earn a living outside of government.

Find out more about John Eastman here

And -- for the Californians -- before you cast a vote for AG, ask yourself whether you want an Attorney General who believes in freedom and will represent you, the taxpayers, or instead work for left-wing special interests and/or Big Government.