Pro-Life, Or Not?

Posted: Mar 21, 2010 3:15 PM
The fact that the Hill has the whip count at 39 "no" Democrat votes means that, without Stupak, health care "reform" will fail.

If these reports are accurate, Nancy Pelosi is working frantically to convince a critical mass of self-proclaimed pro-life Democrats to agree that an Executive Order with pro-life language is sufficient to protect the unborn.

The fact that such an agreement is even being floated makes it clear that, for the first time in history, ObamaCare would provide for federal funding for abortion.  And an Executive Order provides no meaningful protection for the unborn, as -- unlike a guarantee enshrined in actual legislation -- it can simply be revoked at any time.  This is true regardless of how "good" the language sounds.  As the Conference of Catholic Bishops has made clear, you simply can't be pro-life and vote for this "compromise."

Ultimately, the question for the Stupak bloc is this: Are you really pro-life, or not?  Let's pray these congressmen remain firm in their resolve to stand up for the unborn  babies.