Bad News for the Democrats

Posted: Mar 20, 2010 5:58 PM
Dick Morris points out why passing ObamaCare would be just the beginning of the political pain for America's Democrats:

Either the Medicare cuts will take effect or they will be postponed by a terrified Congress.

If the cuts take effect, expect tons of Medicare enrollees to be unable to access health care servicesThat will not do much to promote the image of ObamaCare or the Democrats who supported it.

If the cuts are postponed, it will illuminate -- once and for all -- what a budget-busting disaster ObamaCare has been, as its "deficit fighting" properties are predicated on the Medicare cuts going through.

Here are the facts from the AP:  In short, the only way Democrats have been able to claim that the bill reduces the deficit is by delaying the decision about Medicare cuts.  The bill passes, and they're left with two horrendously unpopular choices -- either living up to the promises about the legislation and cutting Medicare, or revealing the depth of their dishonesty in promising that it would cut the deficit.

Well, it couldn't have happened to a more principled group of people, right?