Doesn't Sound So Good Out Loud?

Posted: Dec 16, 2009 3:35 PM
For a while, Senate debate on the health care "reform" bill came to a halt, as Senator Coburn has forced a reading of the 767-page amendment from Vermont Socialist, Bernie Sanders.  Sanders has now withdrawn his amendment, which would have sought a single-payer system, as the far-left takes another body blow.

Too bad the reading didn't continue. Perhaps it would have given Democrats in swing states some time to ponder whether it's really right to continue this frenzied rush just to sign something -- anything -- by year's end.  After all, we're not talking about stampeding through Filene's to find a marked- down wedding dress; these people are playing with our health care and one-sixth of the US economy.

When is the "world's greatest deliberative body" going to start living up to its nickname?  Right now, there's no deliberation -- just frantic arm-twisting for political reasons.  It ought to tell people something pretty scary about just how much concern Democrats from the President on down have for them and their health care.  In other words, not as much concern as they do for their own perceived political interests.