A Crazy Double Standard

Posted: Oct 15, 2009 3:25 PM
It's difficult for a public figure like Rush Limbaugh successfully to sue for the defamation he suffered at the hands of a media lynch mob and credulous opponents during his membership in the Checketts group.

But the irony is staggering.  Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN called in Al Sharpton to denounce Rush Limbaugh.  That's right, Al Sharpton -- a true racist who has incited racial violence which later led to rioting; refused to apologize for defaming a police officer whom he falsely accused of raping a young black woman; made a variety of apparently anti-semitic remarks; and even called fellow blacks who disagreed with him "yellow n----rs."

Yet Anderson Cooper and his producers feel that Sharpton is qualified to comment on Rush Limbaugh's alleged bigotry.  Now that's rich.

Al Sharpton -- qualified to run for President and to be courted by the Democrat elite.  Rush Limbaugh -- not qualified even to be part owner of a football team.  Amazing how the double standards for liberals and conservatives work, isn't it?

As for all those football players seething with righteous indignation against Rush -- what's their beef with Rush (do they even know)?  And if it's because Rush opposes affirmative action, every football player who hates Rush for that stance should be prepared to surrender his NFL jersey right now to a player of a different race, one "underrepresented" on the football field.