A Vindictive Little Party Game

Posted: Sep 15, 2009 3:25 PM
Regarding Jillian's post below about the Wilson censure, it strikes me that what the American people need to understand is how much time and energy Democrats are putting into punishing Joe Wilson for behavior that he, himself, has already conceded was inappropriate.

I think reasonable people can agree with Wilson that accusing the President of lying in the middle of a speech to a Joint Session lacked decorum and was wrong -- not on the underlying facts, but in that forum.

But given that Wilson has already apologized and the President has accepted the apology, doesn't it seem like the Democrats are acting like a ruling party more absorbed with its own petty prerogatives than the good of the country?  Have they formulated acceptable strategies on health care, Afghanistan -- and Charlie Rangel's ethics problems, for that matter -- when no one was looking, thereby freeing up time for these shenanigans?

And if not, shouldn't they be the ones apologizing to the American people who hired and pay them -- rather than engaging in a vindictive little party game on our dime?