An Amazing Lack of Grace

Posted: Jul 05, 2009 3:16 PM
Perhaps the only thing more amazing than Sarah Palin's surprise announcement of her resignation was some of the responses to it.

The women in the elite media crowd got what they apparently wanted -- they forced a woman who was trying to "do it all" (i.e. raise a family and hold a demanding job) to admit that she couldn't, really, stand to pay the price that was being demanded of her (and her family).  They got someone whose views, background and very being they despised to injure her chances ever to hold higher office -- the person who was, until Friday, perhaps the likeliest woman to hold the presidency in the next generation.

All that would seem like a pretty good day's work, wouldn't it?  But it wasn't enough for Maureen Dowd and Gail Collins, who couldn't resist figuratively donning red dresses and spitting and dancing on the corpse of Sarah Palin's governorship.

What is wrong with these women?  Does their hatred run that deep?  What's missing in their own lives -- what kinds of "holes in the soul" do they have -- that they can respond to Palin's resignation with such venomous glee?

Just wondering.

But it sure isn't any surprise so many women want nothing to do with the "feminists" like Dowd and Collins.  And what a waste to use writing talent and space on the NY Times op/ed page for such catty and cheap attacks.