No Time for "On the One Hand" Diplomacy

Posted: Jun 14, 2009 5:35 PM
This NY Times story about the Iranian elections don't include a key piece of information -- what is the Obama administration's reaction to the allegations of fraud in Iran's election?  

It will be interesting to see if President Obama will resist his ongoing diplomatic tic of equivocating with "on the one hand . . . on the other hand" rhetoric.  For years, US policy has rested on the hope that the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people would result in the peaceful overthrow of the mullahs.

Now, it will be up to President Obama: Will he choose a course designed to embolden those brave enough to speak out against the mullahs and attempt to secure their protection -- or will he allow them and their aspirations to be brutally abused by Ahmadinejad, because he's afraid of the fallout?

So far, his words have not been encouraging for those who love freedom.

And will anyone in the MSM be brave enough to ask Obama where he stands?