Sacrifice For Everyone But Obama's Friends

Posted: May 15, 2009 12:11 PM
Strategist Mike Murphy writes a column with message points that should be appropriated by Republicans everywhere, in which he notes the gap between the "sacrifice" that President Obama has been demanding from regular Americans and the goodies he throws to his friends:

    The sacred cows that voted Democratic last November are mooing more happily than ever. Big Labor is making no sacrifices. Nuclear power plants spew no CO2 into the air and consume no foreign oil, yet a serious effort to build new ones is missing from the Obama energy plan because it offends the environmental left. Health-care reform will be massively expensive, yet the trial lawyers' lobby is not being asked to endure the cost savings that tort reform would bring to health insurance. The teachers' unions are unscathed as billions in new spending is poured into public education. Costly--and popular--farm subsidies are untouched (except for those painlessly targeted at "rich" farmers).

This isn't exactly "change you can believe in."  It's higher taxes and bigger deficits for regular Americans, and a pass for Obama allies.

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