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A Ridiculous Criterion

According to Politico, gay and lesbian groups are calling on President Obama to name the first open homosexual to the Supreme Court.

So now, what one does in the bedroom is supposed to influence one's eligibility for the Supreme Court?  Ridiculous.

Just to highlight how destructive affirmation action/interest group politics are, note that one of the names being mentioned by the groups is former Dean of the Stanford Law School Kathleen Sullivan.

Professor Sullivan taught me criminal and constitutional law.  I disagree with her approach to adjudication, but there's no doubt that she's a brilliant woman (and personally, a very nice one).  Again, I'd hate the way she'd rule, but she'd be a solid choice for a left-wing president like Obama.

What a shame -- and how dismissive of her formidable intellect and talent -- that her nomination would be viewed through the prism of her sexual behavior rather than her jurisprudence.

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