Just One Word: Pathetic.

Posted: Mar 04, 2009 1:24 PM
The Democrats have everything they claimed to want: A President who inspires them (and who enjoys loving, gentle coverage in the MSM), significant majorities in the House and Senate, and an opportunity to control the agenda.  Not only that, there are economic hard times -- which can (and are) being used to buttress the left-wing argument that government is (and should be) the solution to all problems everywhere.

We've been told that all the country needed was Democrats in order to enjoy peace, prosperity and the respect of the world.  Well, now the Democrats are in power, and it's time to put up or . . . well, you know the rest.

So are the Dems hard at work, focused like a laser beam on the wonderful "change" and "hope" that we were told would come?  No.

Instead, they are spending their time and the government's resources trying to demonize a private citizen -- a radio talk show host who has the nerve to dissent from their political philosophy and object to their plans.  Of course, it's easier to campaign against Rush than it is actually to govern -- but governing is what the Democrats signed on to do, and that's what the American people expect.

Clearly, their behavior shows not only a lack of vision and commitment that should worry Democrat voters -- it also shows a profound insecurity on the part of the President and his team.  If they are so good, the President and his team members so brilliant, and their ideas so right, why spend time worrying about one lone, sole member of the opposition who is simply enjoying the robust exercise of his First Amendment rights?

There's a word for such behavior:  Pathetic.