A Disturbing Lack of Concern

Posted: Oct 23, 2008 3:40 PM
Ace of Spades points out how readily suspect donations are accepted at the Obama web site.  Apparently, a fictitious John Galt at Ayn Rand Lane (zip code 99999, which, incidentally doesn't exist) was able to donate to Barack Obama; when the same non-existent person tried to donate to John McCain, the information was rejected.

Ace speculates that the fraud safeguards on the site have been deliberately disabled; of course, it will be a cold day in nether regions when anyone in the press bestirs him- or herself to inquire about the possibility.

Of course, the absence of such safeguards make it easier for those who are so inclined to steal from people in order to help fill Barack's war chest. 

And the campaign's willingness to allow the site to continue to work this way shows a disturbing lack of concern about the possibility of theft, fraud and wrongdoing on the part of The One.  Are we going to see the same ethical shortcuts in his stewardship of the country -- if he wins?

Update: Matt points out this post from Patrick Ruffini -- essentially validating Ace's suspicion that the Obama campaign has deliberately disabled standard fraud-preventing features on the site, thereby facilitating fraudulent transactions.