Re: Anti-Palin Talking Points

Posted: Sep 02, 2008 3:34 PM
Amanda:  Interesting memes the media's coming up with to attack Palin.

As for "How could [Governor Palin] put her pregnant daughter though [the media scrutiny]?"  it strikes me that the answer is easy. 

First, of course, we all hoped that the media would be decent enough to accord Bristol Palin the same "zone of privacy" that's been extended to the daughters of Democrats, ranging from Sasha & Malia Obama to Chelsea Clinton (and, apparently, even extending to the grown, lobbyist son of Joe Biden -- who's been accused of fraud).   In any case, it really isn't Governor Palin who's putting her daughter through any ordeal . . . it's the press (most notably, the usual suspects like The New York Times, which has seen fit to run three Bristol Palin stories on its front page).

Second, does anyone really think Governor Palin would be "helping" her daughter more by giving her a lifelong burden of guilt with the knowledge that her mistake cost her mother the vice-presidential slot?  Please.

I'm touched by all the new-found social traditionalists among the females in the press who are so committed to seeing Governor Palin put motherhood first.  Perhaps they'd be willing to tell us how many children they have, what ages, and how they do it all -- what with their demanding schedule and a family, and fewer resources for assistance than either a vice president or a governor.  The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

It would certainly be interesting to hear what Hillary Clinton has to say about all this.