The Left's Moral Equivalence

Posted: Aug 24, 2008 11:02 PM
Madonna lumps John McCain -- an American war hero -- in with Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe.  Of course, one might think she's just a celebrity bubblehead.  But the fact is that her moral equivalence is shared in important ways by the candidate she supports.

Barack Obama speaks glowingly of China's infrastructure, compared to that of the US -- either unaware of or indifferent to China's record of repression and torture (as well as the fact that the the infrastructure in the vast majority of the country was recognized as woefully inadequate even by the Chinese.

What's more, Barack Obama apparently sees America's liberation of Iraq as morally equivalent to Russia's invasion of Georgia.  Somehow, he's able to ignore the fact that 25 million Iraqis no longer live under an insanely brutal dictatorship that terrorized its citizens and sponsored worldwide terrorism -- and that Georgia is a democracy trying only to live in peace with its neigbors.

Update: Perhaps Barack like to "revise and extend" his remarks (to use a little senatorial lingo) about the glory of China's infrastructure in light of reports like this in the LA Times that "Those wonderful new buildings that towered over every corner, making this dull capital city seem glitzy" actually "were vacant, having been built only to make a good impression for the Olympics."

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