Obama's Double Standard

Posted: Aug 19, 2008 3:47 PM
In front of the VFW, Barack Obama complained that Senator McCain was impugning his patriotism -- conveniently, of course (and typically), he doesn't disclose just how John McCain committed this heinous act.  It's becoming Dems' stock in trade to complain about assaults on their patriotism -- as though merely criticizing them for weak or feckless foreign policies is tantamount to calling them traitors.

When will Democrats "get" that this kind of behavior turns off normal voters?  Nobody likes a whiner, and it already makes Barack look weak to be begging his opponent to "acknowledge" that he, too, cares about the national interest.

This kind of whining seems to be an emerging trend on the Obama team.  Last night, on Larry King Live, Claire McCaskill was begging Tim Pawlenty to have John McCain denounce Jerome Corsi's book.  Really, is this what it's come to for them -- they have to keep on supplicating John McCain or his surrogates to say something on their behalf?  See how that strategy works out with Russia, folks.

But the amazing irony is that even as Barack bemoans the supposed impugning of his love of country, he's perfectly willing to turn around and tell audiences that John McCain doesn't care about anyone but the rich:

So I want to see a show of hands everybody making more than $2.5 million raise your hand -- you should, you know, you might want to think about voting for John McCain, because he is going to be looking out for them but he is not looking out for most of the people in this auditorium.

How desperate is it, by the way, that he's basing his attack on a remark from McCain that was clearly not serious -- as McCain clarified at the time? 

Thank heaven that McCain is man enough not to, himself, or through his surrogates, run around "calling on" Barack Obama to clarify that he, John McCain, "cares" about the less fortunate.

Just another instructive contrast.