Headlines, Hype - But No Substance

Posted: Aug 13, 2008 10:59 PM
The Obama campaign has made much of the fact that three Republicans endorsed Barack recently.

Ok, ok.  Really, two Republicans -- given that the third was Lincoln Chafee.

Even at that, this piece in The New York Sun notes that one of the Republicans, Rita Hauser, served as a registered foreign agent for Yasser Arafat.  (There's also a Harvard Law School connection there -- along with her husband, Gustave, she's a megabucks law school donor who footed the bill for recently constructed Hauser Hall).

The last?  Defeated Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa -- who has warned America and Israel against attacks on Iranian nukes, advocating a comprehensive nuclear test ban instead.

Are these really supposed to be considered Republican defections worth touting?  

As with so much about the Obama campaign, the story just doesn't live up to the headlines and the hype.

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