How Convenient

Posted: Jul 09, 2008 12:20 PM
Barack Obama now says that allowing "Access Hollywood" to interview his daughters was a "mistake."

Huh.  Well, that's convenient.  After denying access to them to news media outlets -- and asking the press not even to take pictures of their faces (at least as reported on last night's Anderson Cooper 360) -- the Obamas permit the girls (who are lovely little ones) to participate in one softball interview, excerpts of which are broadcast everywhere, including on the "Today" Show and AC 360 (last night).  It's great press.

Then, just say it's a "mistake" and put the girls off-limits again.  Right.

Of course the Obamas have been right to try to protect their girls' identities from being beamed everywhere.  Of course any media that criticized them in any way would be shameful and wrong. 

But it strikes me that, again, this is an example of someone who's trying to have it both ways.  If the security concerns are that big that Barack and his wife are asking that they not even be photographed (and they might well be), would someone simply agree to put the girls on camera spontaneously, as he says they did?  How anxious to win must someone be?

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