Here Comes the "Racist" Meme

Posted: Jun 09, 2008 11:54 AM
AP is running a story that purports to plumb the "racial attitudes" of some Pennsylvania voters -- and which suggests, none too subtly, that there are a lot of racists who won't vote for Barack Obama simply because of his skin color.

As I've noted before, racism is wrong, but opposition to Barack Obama for any non-racial reason (e.g., policies, character, associates) is not.  The problem, of course, is that many in the MSM will try to conflate the two.

It's remarkable that, as support for its proposition that there are suspect racial attitudes lurking in Pennyslvania, the piece was reduced to quoting a woman who won't vote for anyone (and anyone who's worked in politics is familiar with this archetype of perpetual disgruntlement) and a man who's obviously senile (he remembers voting in '56, but not in recent elections).

It's just the beginning of the racial meme that will be harped on and expanded on as the campaign progresses.  The irony is that coverage like this is what helps create the "Bradley effect" because people become worried they will be portrayed as bigots if they're not promising to vote for Barack.