For a "Uniter," He's Got a Lot of "Divider" Friends

Posted: Jun 02, 2008 12:04 PM
Over at ABC, Jake Tapper has been taking note of some of the more incendiary remarks offered by Father Pfleger, described by Barack Obama as his "friend.".

First, there's this:

Hillary and McCain would wish they had a preacher with the integrity of Jeremiah Wright. … They got some old weak preacher…some old Joel Osteen cotton candy preacher.

Hm.  I wonder how all the devout people of faith who follow Joel Osteen will feel about that.

And then -- even more remarkably -- there's this:

Racism is still America's greatest addiction.  I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God.

Silly me.  I thought the left thought that our greatest addiction was to foreign oil.

In the latter link, Tapper points out that the Obama-Pfleger relationship is one of some duration.

It's been my belief that Barack Obama doesn't share the views of Rev. Wright.  But it's becoming increasingly hard to explain why he has surrounded himself for so long with people who express such virulent contempt for the country he wants to lead.