What is Christianity Without the Risen Christ?

Posted: Mar 22, 2008 3:43 PM
In at least one Canadian Protestant Church tomorrow, worshippers will be celebrating the resurrection of "hope" -- not of Jesus.  And here in the U.S., a developer of Sunday School curricula is omitting Easter altogether in some of its materials, deeming Jesus' crucifixion to be "simply too violent for pre-schoolers."

Of course, everyone is free to worship as s/he wishes.  But those who are taking radical liberties with Christian doctrine should acknowledge that, at some point, they're nominal Christians only.  Censoring, ignoring and excising "inconvenient" or uncomfortable parts of Christianity results only a theology that ultimately transforms the Bible into the religious equivalent of a "living Constitution" -- one that can be reinterpreted and tinkered with at will, until it's devoid of any meaning except what its new, politically correct interpreters give it.