The "Wright" Time

Posted: Mar 19, 2008 10:06 PM
Well, after almost a week spent defending his long-time friendship with a very controversial pastor, surely no one could be happier than Barack Obama and his campaign to read stories like this, detailing Bill Clinton's assignations with Monica Lewinsky on days when his wife was actually in The White House.

If nothing else, they're a stark reminder of just how much nerve the former First Couple has.  It's hard to understand how either of them would have the "chutzpah" not only to remain in office at the time, but also to feel entitled to another shot at living in the house that he so deeply disgraced by his personal conduct -- conduct that was, in some sense, defended and enabled by her.

Unfortunately, America is still confronting the political consequences of Clintonian behavior -- as evidenced on both sides of the political aisle, from Larry Craig to Eliot Spitzer, and now, it appears, with David Paterson.  (The cultural fallout resulting, in large part, from the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal is just as profound, and very sad.)

All of this is a reminder of the most sordid parts of the Clinton presidency.  But with Pennsylvania still a month away and Hillary's lead there lengthening, no doubt her campaign thought this was the "Wright" time to release these diaries.