Illegal Aliens in Distress Keep Border Patrol Agents Busy Over Labor Day Weekend

Posted: Sep 09, 2020 7:55 PM
Illegal Aliens in Distress Keep Border Patrol Agents Busy Over Labor Day Weekend

Source: AP Photo/Matt York

The labor movement in the United States has historically opposed the idea of a borderless state where migrants from all over the world can waltz into the US and take jobs away from American workers. So it's kind of a drag that Border Patrol agents in Arizona had to spend their Labor Day weekend rescuing distressed illegal aliens from the desert. 

Tucson Sector agents were inundated with calls of lost and stranded migrants in need of emergency assistance. Working on the Tohono O'odham Nation, Border Patrol agents conducted rescue operations that helped save the lives of more than a dozen men. The illegal aliens came from the countries of Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.

Six men were found in western Arizona when agents responded to an activated rescue beacon. Four of the illegal aliens were from Mexico, and the other two from Guatemala. 

North of Douglas, Arizona, agents rescued two men who had exhausted their provisions. Agents also rescued a brother and sister in a separate incident after the siblings became disoriented by the dangerous heat. 

All individuals were expelled to Mexico under Title 42 after being cleared by a qualified medical professional for travel.

Border Patrol agents should be honored with every humanitarian award out there for their non-stop rescuing of individuals who become lost and injured in the desert after illegally crossing the U.S. border. 

On Tuesday, President Trump announced a plan to make Mexico pay for the cost of the president's border wall. The president plans to recoup the expense by imposing a toll and potentially placing a tax on remittances to Mexico. 

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