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Even Celebrities Are Resorting to Giving Their Pets Terrible Quarantine Haircuts

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow, File

Being in quarantine because of the Wuhan coronavirus has been a drastic change for many. Going out to eat, grabbing a cup of coffee, getting a hair cut or your nails done has become a thing of the past... at least for the time being.

The one thing animal lovers are finally struggling with: their dogs' unruly fur. Some have decided to go the do it yourself route.

One of those people includes actor Chris Evans, who shared his terrible trimming job with his Twitter followers.

Twitter users shared their own dogs' new hairdos.

Others were scared to take the clippers to their furry friends.

At least once this is all over, humans and animals alike will be flocking to the salons so we can all get back to looking our best!



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