One Dead After Another Attack on UK Border

Posted: Jul 29, 2015 10:37 AM

The Channel Tunnel is in chaos again today after another major attack by illegal immigrants desperate to get into the UK. Last night's incursion into the terminal in Northern France involved 1500 illegal immigrants, one of whom was killed in the ensuing struggle.

African migrants are being allowed to cross Europe unchecked and are only stopped by the UK Border Agency. They can make a journey because of the European Union's Schengen Agreement, that has abolished border controls in most countries across Europe.

The man who died is believed to be Sudanese aged between 25 and 40, he is thought to have been crushed by a lorry. He is not the first person to be killed trying to enter the UK, but the exact figures of fatalities are unclear as the French do not properly record the deaths.

Over the past few days the border position has come under increasing pressure, and has had to be closed completely on a number of occasions. The situation is so desperate the UK's M20 motorway has been closed in sections so it can be used as a temporary park for all the lorries left stranded by the closures.

On the French side the British authorities have agreed to build a secure zone for lorries to park, so drivers and their loads are not attacked while they wait to get onto either the Channel Tunnel train or the ferries.

Send In The Army…

UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage, told LBC radio Britain needed to pile in whatever resources it has to quell the migrant flood. When he was asked if this included the potential to send in the army to secure the border he said the should “absolutely” be considered.

Speaking to John Stapleton on the John Stapleton show, Farage said: "There needs to be a bigger, stronger message coming from Britain that anyone that comes through this route will not be allowed stay.” He continued: "This situation is serious… There are no easy answers...what we have to send is a message to say this can't happen."

There are believed to be around 5000 Africans in Calais waiting to get to the UK. Many live in a shanty town called 'The Jungle' which has become rife with lice and scabies, due to non-existent sanitation.

The French are pressuring the UK to take the migrants or move the border onto the UK mainland. The British government is highly unlikely to do either. It is unhappy French Police simply release anyone caught trying to enter the UK, meaning the migrants try every night until they get through.